MOXXOR Business
MOXXOR offers a lucrative financial opportunity to those who would like to join us in expanding our business. As an Independent MOXXOR Representative (MOXXREP), you are eligible to earn commissions and bonuses based upon your activities in promoting MOXXOR.

Your business platform includes the U.S.A., Europe (excluding Switzerland), and New Zealand.

As a MOXXREP you receive your own personalized MOXXOR website, along with an online back-office suite for tracking and managing your business. The back-office also provides an online commission and payment system.

Our customer care team is always at your service, and the entire company is committed to helping every MOXXREP achieve the success they desire.

Our Product
Our business is built around our proprietary Omega-3, antioxidant formula. It’s comprised of natural and fully sustainable ingredients sourced exclusively from New Zealand. These factors make MOXXOR unique in the marketplace—a product of absolute purity and exceptional efficacy.

Omega-3′s are among the most researched and recommended of all supplements. They are known to improve heart and cardiovascular health, are key components in brain development and function, and powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

MOXXOR is a product for everyone—the entire family, as well as the animals in our lives. The market is unlimited.

In the near future, MOXXOR will add to its flagship product a select array of additional products, also exclusively from New Zealand. These will be the best in their class—preeminent formulas to positively impact health.

Our Market
There has never been a better time to start your MOXXOR business. At this time many people are looking for a financially rewarding new opportunity to not only be fully independent but to improve their health and the lives of friends and family.
MOXXOR is an extremely low-cost business to run yet it offers unlimited potential. It’s a simple and straightforward opportunity anyone can embrace.
The MOXXOR compensation system is built around three bonus structures:

1- A generous commission paid on every bottle of product consumed by the retail and/or preferred customers in your team. This compensation alone is capable of creating a lucrative monthly income.

2- A Uni-Level commission structure based on other business-builders you have introduced to the MOXXOR opportunity and brought into your team. This aspect of the compensation is what can truly build residual income.

3- Targeted bonuses to help our MOXXREP’s get started quickly and expand their business.

Business Documents